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University Top 200 in Full

University Top 200 in Full
From Times Online - October 9, 2008(

Britain has 17 universities in the Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings top 100, down from 19 last year.

Harvard tops the list for the fifth consecutive year. Second place goes to Yale, which was joint second with Cambridge and Oxford last year. The two British institutions came third and fourth respectively this year.

In total the UK has 29 universities in the top 200, one fewer than last year. Of these, 22 had slipped down the rankings. The highest ranking UK university is Cambridge at Number 3, and the lowest ranking is the University of Reading, at 194 just six from bottom place, which goes to the University of Athens.

Four British universities are in the top 10, the same as last year. Imperial College London fell from fifth to sixth place while University College London rose from ninth to seventh.

More than a third of the top 100 are based in the US. The rise of Asian institutions is reflected in the inclusion of nine of them within the top 50, including three based in Hong Kong.

Two new entrants this year are Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Seoul National University.

The list in full:

1- 100

001 HARVARD University United States
002 YALE University United States
003 University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
004 University of OXFORD United Kingdom
005 CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt... United States
006 IMPERIAL College London United Kingdom
007 UCL (University College London) United Kingdom
008 University of CHICAGO United States
009 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M... United States
010 COLUMBIA University United States
011 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States
012 PRINCETON University United States
013= DUKE University United States
013= JOHNS HOPKINS University United States
015 CORNELL University United States
016 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
017 STANFORD University United States
018 University of MICHIGAN United States
019 University of TOKYO Japan
020 MCGILL University Canada
021 CARNEGIE MELLON University United States
022 KING'S College London United Kingdom
023 University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom
024 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T... Switzerland
025 KYOTO University Japan
026 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
027 BROWN University United States
028 École Normale Supérieure, PARIS France
029 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom
030= National University of SINGAPORE(NUS) Singapore
031= University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles
032 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom
033 NORTHWESTERN University United States
034= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada
036 University of California, BERKELEY United States
037 The University of SYDNEY Australia
038 The University of MELBOURNE Australia
039 HONG KONG University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
040 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States
041 University of TORONTO Canada
042 The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
043 University of QUEENSLAND Australia
044 OSAKA University Japan
045 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia
046 BOSTON University United States
047 MONASH University Australia
048 University of COPENHAGEN Denmark
049 TRINITY College Dublin Ireland
050= Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de LAUSANNE... Switzerland
050= PEKING University China
050= SEOUL National University Korea, South
053 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands
054 DARTMOUTH College United States
055 University of WISCONSIN-Madison United States
056 TSINGHUA University China
057 HEIDELBERG Universität Germany
058 University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego United States
059 University of WASHINGTON United States
060 WASHINGTON University in St. Louis United States
061 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan
062 EMORY University United States
063 UPPSALA University Sweden
064 LEIDEN University Netherlands
065 The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand
066 LONDON School of Economics and Political... United Kingdom
067 UTRECHT University Netherlands
068 University of GENEVA Switzerland
069 University of WARWICK United Kingdom
070 University of TEXAS at Austin United States
071 University of ILLINOIS United States
072 Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN Belgium
073 University of GLASGOW United Kingdom
074 University of ALBERTA Canada
075 University of BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom
076 University of SHEFFIELD United Kingdom
077 NANYANG Technological University Singapore
078= DELFT University of Technology Netherlands
078= RICE University United States
078= Technische Universität MÜNCHEN Germany
081= University of AARHUS Denmark
081= University of YORK United Kingdom
083= GEORGIA Institute of Technology United States
083= The University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA Australia
083= University of ST ANDREWS United Kingdom
086 University of NOTTINGHAM United Kingdom
087 University of MINNESOTA United States
088 LUND University Sweden
089 University of CALIFORNIA, Davis United States
090 CASE WESTERN RESERVE University United States
091= Université de Montréal Canada
091= University of HELSINKI Finland
093= Hebrew University of JERUSALEM Israel
093= Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Germany
095 KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Scie... Korea, South
096 University of VIRGINIA United States
097 University of PITTSBURGH United States
098 University of CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara United States
099= PURDUE University United States
099= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom

101 - 200

101 VANDERBILT University United States
102= University of NORTH CAROLINA United States
102= University of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA United States
104 University of LEEDS United Kingdom
105 PENNSYLVANIA STATE University United States
106= University of ADELAIDE Australia
106= University of ZURICH Switzerland
108 University College DUBLIN Ireland
109 TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technolog... Israel
110 GEORGETOWN University United States
111 MAASTRICHT University Netherlands
112 TOHOKU University Japan 113 FUDAN University China
114 TEL AVIV University Israel 115 University of VIENNA Austria
116 Université catholique de LOUVAIN (UCL) Belgium
117= MCMASTER University Canada 117= QUEEN'S University Canada
119 University of ROCHESTER United States
120 NAGOYA University Japan 121 OHIO STATE University United States
122= DURHAM University United Kingdom
122= University of MARYLAND United States
124= National TAIWAN University Taiwan
124= University of OTAGO New Zealand
126 ERASMUS University Rotterdam Netherlands
127 STONY BROOK University United States
128 EINDHOVEN University of Technology Netherlands
129 University of WATERLOO Canada
130 University of SUSSEX United Kingdom
131 University of BASEL Switzerland
132 University of CALIFORNIA, Irvine United States
133= CARDIFF University United Kingdom
133= Technical University of DENMARK Denmark
133= University of LIVERPOOL United Kingdom
136 University of GHENT Belgium
137= Freie Universität BERLIN Germany
137= TEXAS A&M University United States
139 HUMBOLDT-Universität zu Berlin Germany
140 Ecole normale supérieure de LYON France
141 University of Science and Technology of ... China
142 WAGENINGEN University Netherlands
143 NANJING University China
144= SHANGHAI JIAO TONG University China
144= University of GRONINGEN Netherlands
146 University of ARIZONA United States
147= CITY University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
147= Universität FREIBURG Germany
149 Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie PARIS V... France
150 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México ... Mexico
151 RUTGERS, The State University of New Jer... United States
152 University of BATH United Kingdom
153 University of ABERDEEN United Kingdom
154 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (II... India
155= Eberhard Karls Universität TÜBINGEN Germany
155= VU University AMSTERDAM Netherlands
157 TUFTS University United States
158 KYUSHU University Japan
159 The University of WESTERN ONTARIO Canada
160 QUEEN MARY, University of London United Kingdom
161 University of LAUSANNE Switzerland
162= CHALMERS University of Technology Sweden
162= NEWCASTLE University, NEWCASTLE Upon Tyn... United Kingdom
164 SIMON FRASER University Canada
165 University of FLORIDA United States
166= CHULALONGKORN University Thailand
166= Universität GÖTTINGEN Germany
168 University of NOTRE DAME United States
169 Universität FRANKFURT am Main Germany
170= INDIANA University Bloomington United States
170= University of CALGARY Canada
170= University of LANCASTER United Kingdom
173 KTH, ROYAL Institute of Technology Sweden
174= HOKKAIDO University Japan
174= Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (I... India
174= RENSSELAER Polytechnic Institute United States
177= University of LEICESTER United Kingdom
177= University of OSLO Norway
179 University of CAPE TOWN South Africa
180= University of COLORADO at Boulder United States
180= WASEDA University Japan
182 MACQUARIE University Australia
183= Lomonosov MOSCOW STATE University Russia
183= Université Libre de BRUXELLES (ULB) Belgium
185 BRANDEIS University United States
186= University of BARCELONA Spain
186= University of CANTERBURY New Zealand
188= POHANG University of Science and Technol... Korea, South
188= Technische Universität BERLIN Germany
190 Universität STUTTGART Germany
191 University of MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst United States
192= University of BERN Switzerland
192= University of BOLOGNA Italy
194 University of READING United Kingdom
195 University of ANTWERP Belgium
196 University of SAO PAULO Brazil
197= DALHOUSIE University Canada
197= University of BUENOS AIRES Argentina
199 KOBE University Japan
200= University of ATHENS Greece

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Lost Cat Returned Home After 9 Years

LONDON (Reuters) - A couple have been reunited with their missing cat after nine years, the RSPCA said on Wednesday.

Dixie, a 15-year-old ginger cat, disappeared in 1999 and her owners thought she had been killed by a car.

She was found less than half a mile from her home in Birmingham after a concerned resident rang the animal charity to report a thin and dishevelled cat who had been in the area for a couple of months.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Alan Pittaway checked her microchip and confirmed it was Dixie. She was returned to her owners, Alan and Gilly Delaney, within half an hour.

"In 29 years of working for the RSPCA I have never seen anyone so excited and happy as Mrs Delaney," Pittaway said. "It made my day to return Dixie to her owners."

The couple were "overjoyed" to be reunited with their missing cat after so many years.

"Dixie's personality, behaviour and little mannerisms have not changed at all," said Gilly Delaney. "We don't think she has stopped purring since she came back through the door."

The RSPCA hope the story will encourage owners to have their pets microchipped.

(Reporting by Anna Legge; Editing by Steve Addison) Wed Sep 10, 10:48 AM ET

Woman Finds 2.5-M Python in Dutch Hotel Toilet

THE HAGUE (AFP) - A guest at a Dutch hotel found a live, 2.5 metre python in the toilet, alerting authorities who arrested four people for illegally trading in rare animals, news agency ANP said Tuesday.

In Monday's incident the snake is believed to have slithered up the drain from a room below, where authorities discovered about 30 exotic animals, it reported, quoting the police.

The animals included snakes, geckos, frogs, salamanders and a baby crocodile.

Most were in boxes and bags, but two geckos were walking around freely in the room where police arrested three men and a women, all from Rome.

Winner of free funeral in Italy

ROME (AFP) - The winner of a free funeral has not turned up to claim his prize after ticket number 11 was chosen in a raffle in southern Italy, an Italian newspaper reported Tuesday.

The holder of the winning ticket in the raffle - held in the town of San Marco in Lamis - is entitled to a free lined coffin, a tombstone, copper candlesticks and a grave site, Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno reported.

There is no deadline for claiming the prize and the winner can give it to somebody else, raffle organisers said, according to the paper.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Student celebrates $12 million lottery win

LONDON (Reuters) - The credit crisis and tight student budgets hold no fears for a British teenager who won 7 million pounds ($12.68 million) on the Lottery.

Ianthe Fullagar, 18, from Cumbria, northern England, said she still plans to go to university next year to study law, despite her huge win on the EuroMillions game.

Although she won't need a student loan or inflated overdraft, she said she hopes to be just like the others at college.

"I'm going to live the life of a student. I'm going to live in student digs," she told the BBC on Tuesday. "I love baked beans."

The teenager said she screamed so loudly when she checked her ticket that her dog jumped up and bit her on the bottom.

She hid her winning ticket in her bra before moving it to a jewelry box and then her gym bag while she waited for her win to be confirmed.

After receiving an over-sized check at an official ceremony, she said she plans to spend her winnings on her family and friends and a new Ford Ka.

(Reporting by Peter Griffiths);_ylt=At7.u6gnlLF6CTPO3R9QDf4uQE4F
Tue Sep 30, 1:55 PM ET